#17 I Have a Confession...

I don't really know how to start this. So I'll go along with what I'm feeling from within. You caught my attention—your beauty, bright as the sun. Your eyes adorable as the moon, even with your cute little birthmark. Your smile, so threatening that every time I see it, my heart beats heavily fast. Although that's what everyone sees. I see more. I want to convey to you the inner beauty I see.

When my eyes lock on you, I see a woman, strong, full of knowledge and power. Very independent and ambitious for the things you want and get. So determined that no one can put out that fire you have inside of you. I also see barriers. Your soul has been through challenging moments, and people have come and gone and left you hurt. Internal scars that will remain there forever. Despite them, you are still fierce, and you lick your wounds and move on courageously. You don't take anything from anyone; you can make it in this cruel world. Even then, every Queen needs her king.

Ever since that night, for the first time in a long time, I felt different. You made me feel so alive and high, I couldn't bear to let that go. I wanted to fight for you. My attitude changed in which I didn't even like social media posts anymore. All of my dating apps were deleted and still are. I don't even dare look at other women in the streets. You live in my mind, rent-free, wondering when will you ever make time for me. You told me the little things about you—your love for the color white, your favorite type of drink is Amaretto, your desire for chocolate desserts. These things slowly became engraved in my head, where I can never forget them, just like our first kiss.

I'm ready to give it all, but you're not ready yet. You tell me you're delicate. I tell you I won't make you fall. Words don't mean anything to you anymore. So actions are my only move. Surprising you with white roses just to catch your blush was everything to me. I wrote to you that poem. As corny as it sounded, you loved it, along with the origami swan. I try to keep our texting going, even though you hate texting. Although I haven't gotten through to you yet, you tell me to be patient.

I haven't given up. I won't give up. But patience can't last forever.

Don't worry if I get hurt. I know what I signed up for. I know what I'm gambling with here. Life is all about taking risks. Don't believe all that "if it's meant to be" crap. It takes one (in this case, two) to make anything happen. Maybe by the time this post goes out, I would've moved on by then. Who knows, why don't you ask me? If our fling does end there, just know you made me smile. You made my heart skip a beat. You made me feel like I was a young teenager falling in love for the first time. I hope you remember me by my shades, cause all I have from you is your drawing in my book.

Written By: George M.

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