SS: The Girl Next Door

"I remember the first time I met her. She was so beautiful."

Trever starts to adjust his posture while sitting on the pavement. Then, he grabs a cigarette from his pocket. Although he slowly puts the cigar in his mouth, he remembers not having a lighter anymore. So he alternately puts the cigarette on his right ear and proceeds to talk.

"It was unexpected when I met her the first time. Both of our moms happen to bump in at the same BBQ spot. Literally at the end of the block, between our houses. She was very chubby and timid. Clueless about who I was. There was no fear or intimidation when I was around her. She was fantastic to talk to. But, on the other hand, maybe her appearance didn't strike me as uplifting or jaw-dropping. So I barely paid no mind to her. That's until we reached our adolescents."

"I saw a different person come out that door when she turned 13. Tight jeans are showing off the giant glutes, breasts popping out, makeup on point. She crossed that line from girl to a young woman in an instant. She was a year older than me, but I feel capable of maintaining her. I could have been that man for her. But of course, when I asked her out that same day when we went to the movies, she told me she couldn't see me as anything more than just a friend. That tore me. That devastated my heart, and for that, I stopped going to her block for a while. But at least I kept this photo strip of us from that photo booth we went in that day at the theater."

Trever pulls out the photo strip from his pocket. First, he shakes off a few tobacco shrubs that remain stuck on the picture collage. Then, as he holds it with both hands, he begins to admire it more and more.

"A few years have passed, and I noticed so much has changed about you. First, you fell in love with some guy who happened to share the same community your family was from; A small village up in the mountains of a foreign country. You felt he was the right guy for you. He was all muscular, very juice head-like. He seemed calm and exciting to be with. That is until I saw you had scars and bruises around your neck as I passed by your house one random day. Each wound told a different story. You lived with him and took any hit that came your way. All because you 'loved' him. Ha. I guess that last sexual assault was the last straw and brought you back. That would have never happened if you were with me."

"What's worse, you didn't even have your best friend to vent to. Not after you found out her mother secretly married your father. An abomination so severe in her book, she had to claw him out. She scarred your father's face, and now every time you look at him, you see the symbol of betrayal. You despised her for doing that to you. And now you lost both your father and best friend. But I was still there for you. I'm always going to be there for you. So that's why when I heard you were going through a rough patch, I had to let myself in your house to talk to you."

Trever's nose began to drip as he started facing down in disappointment. His eyes were burned red and full of grief. He sniffled in a few times to clear the mucus from his nostrils before he proceeded with his story. But suddenly, he chuckled a little and cracked a smile because he realized what he had left on the concrete floor near him...

"I went to your house because I knew you were alone and in desperate need of someone to hear you out. I walked up the stairs, and to my surprise, the door was unlocked. As if you wanted someone to walk in the house. I go up to your apartment door, and I see the key was still on the doorknob. You were so recklessly irresponsible. Lucky for you, I was here to make sure no one takes advantage and budge in your place. As I approached your living room, I heard you grunting. It echoed through your hallway. I began to walk over there slowly. As I progressed, however, it began to sound as if you were in pain. Like you were hurting yourself. I worried, so I sped up a bit to your room. Then..."

Trever started to swallow the knot he felt he had on his throat. He continues to gasp for air and afterward snickers more.

"Then... I heard a distinct voice. It was coming from your room too. Sounded like a man, very aggressive and persistent in what he was doing. I felt like you were in danger. So I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. As I hurried to your room, I saw your clothes on the floor near the front door of your bedroom. I decided to peep quickly to see what was going on. And that's when I saw you...FUCKING HIM. On top of him while he was wearing his army clothes. Like as if all those scars he gave you meant nothing. You sick little bitch. I came to comfort you, and you do this to me. Hearing you moan his name while taking it all in, you must love that toxic trait. You eradicated something inside of me tonight. You fucking dumb bitch."

"And then I remember a voice whispered in my ear. It told me what I needed to do to avenge my pain. The pain you induced to me with your stupidity. There was only one way. I let the voice take over, and before you knew it, I blacked out. I woke up with the squirt of your blood splashing in my face. Your neck was wide opened, with your head folding all the way back. Your lover, with multiple stabs on his upper back and guts coming out of his lower abdomen, didn't look so firm with his muscles now. The deed was done. I was a free man from your love. What was now shackling me was your cold flesh on the floor. I needed to erase the evidence. I dumped anything flammable on your body and every single room of the house. In hesitation, I quickly grabbed the lighter from my pocket turned your home into the brightest Christmas tree on the block."

Suddenly, sirens are sounding off a quarter-mile from Trever's position. He grabs the knife that was on the ground and puts it in his sweater pocket. He gets on a standing position as a fire truck turns right into the block. The fire truck is followed by another one with a police car at the rear end. The firemen quickly go into action and attempt to distinguish the flames. As Trever walks away, the officer exits his vehicle and rushes to Trevor to question him.

"Excuse me. Do you know what happened here?"

"Yes, officer. It was I who made the call. I was just passing by about to smoke when I saw the house in flames."

"Alright then, get along now. We got it from here."

Thank you, officer. Oh, by the way, do you happen to have a lighter?

"No, I don't."

Trever resumes walking away, with the officer giving him an odd glare wondering how someone does not have a lighter in hand before going out to smoke.

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