S2 #SPECIAL: The Road to The Concert: Bad Bunny

I can guarantee that everyone waiting for this album to come out was wide awake celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 with drinks in their system, ready to wild out at the family function. And once the first few songs hit, everyone's reaction was like, "What the hell is this?"

Let me tell you about my venture.

It was late Thanksgiving in Mary's house. Coquito was served up in glass cups. The hookah was burning Blueberry Shisha. There was no turkey on the table, but we were all together having a good time. Once the clock struck 11:00 PM, I paid attention to my phone, and there it was, EL ULTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO. Sitting right next to the blondie I was playing 'kiss and don't tell' at the time, I pushed play and began entering Bad Bunny's new world music.

The album was not what my most profound inner reggaeton spirit anticipated. Although, there were a few good ones in there. What arose was the acknowledgment of Bad Bunny's direction with these new songs. Even his trailer, "announcing his retirement of Latin trap," signifies that the singer was ready to accept new challenges. Challenges that he has already taken before in his past albums. Each song tells its own story. For me, I can tell you what came to mind when each piece played:


I was going through a phase where my confidence was shallow. So I began writing the blogs to put myself out there to gain exposure, and after two months, no change. I started to doubt myself without realizing that the beginning was always the most challenging part of the journey. QUIEN DIJO QUE NO?, QUE NO PUEDO. Just the tone itself puts a perspective that one should never let doubt or anyone take away your chance to achieve what you want the most. The world is yours, but the world is also mine.


I had lost afflations with an old flame since we were in different places in life. She had a kid and other responsibilities that didn't aline with our free time. We shared only one time during the pandemic when we managed to reconnect. Having those memories back definitely put her back on my mind, and then afterward, she moved right out of it.


I was definitely in my grind at one point during the pandemic. While everyone was at home focusing on their gaming rankings and the government funding their bank accounts, my ass was putting in work. There were no breaks taken, and thank God there was a lot to do, despite the world being on hold. I took dignity every week when I got paid. Imagine staying home and getting paid by doing absolutely nothing; it would've been nice, but either way, don't tell me shit when you see me at the polo store. I EARNED IT.


This song gives me a rock-and-roll vibe where you just want to grab your closest friends and flail your arms in the air while doing a singalong. Mary's room definitely comes to mind. We just started group huddling like some football team and went crazy with this song without knowing the lyrics (because, you know, the album was released that same night). But hey, maldita pobrezaaaa.


This one is interesting. This song takes me way back to my birthday. The unexplainable moment you start to feel when you end up kissing someone you had no intention of doing that night, but it happened. And the feeling was so good you couldn't define it. This girl put me back in the market, to start all over in the dating world. I remember telling myself I wouldn't pursue anyone for a long time. But that kiss destroyed my cynical reflection! It was a night I couldn't explain.


Ah, the song that will make you sing your soul out. This piece brings out a moment in my life where I was a terrible boyfriend to someone who at first deserved the love and affection she was looking to obtain from me. Indeed, I was a cabron to her. I couldn't explain it at the time, but I wasn't fully invested in her. I made her doubt love, and she began to doubt any relationship that came afterward. Obviously, I repent myself for it. Like any debt we put ourselves into, we pay it somehow, and we move on. That's how life works. Other than that, this song hits crazy when singing karaoke!


The fact that this song gives an insane electrical guitar background automatically makes it different from most Bad Bunny's songs, which is its main idea! It explains that being diverse is radically better than anyone else's opinion. For example, I remembered being criticized for wearing clothes—how I didn't meet the criteria of looking like an average male Ecuadorian. That was until I realized that my mom, an average Ecuadorian mother, dressed me up differently. Her influence on what to wear became a part of me. And not just that, I also learned how to indulge myself (haircuts, eyebrows, waxing armpits, etc.). Overall, this song embraced something I always followed: to not give a fuck what people thought about me. Si no te gusta, no tienes que mirar.


The tone of the song says enough. It brings me back to a very stressful moment in my life. My ex was unsure of our relationship, and I was willing to repair it and take any measures to save it. The problem? She didn't know what she wanted. A part of me screamed at the heavens and asked for an answer. I demanded the truth because I was impatient with the place our relationship was in. The only solution I was looking for was an opportunity to preserve it. But the reality is either there was a chance to fix it or accept that it was over and just let go now and not let it drag any further. I used to think it was me who needed to change. But, in the end, it was always her all along. Thus, making this song impactful as it is with the ending: Pero nunca te olvides de quien tu eres. Ni por hombre, ni mujeres.


As significant as this song may be, the only moment I can reminisce is the beginning of 2021 when this man performed in WWE. Other than that, this song is suitable for intense gym workouts.


Jesus Christ, this one takes me back to a place I certainly am not proud of. I was deeply invested in someone who took advantage of my kindness. My heart was pure once more, and this girl had me floating, only to pull me back down every chance she had. My poetry and arts and craft gifts were supplements for her satisfaction of knowing she had someone (me) on the hook. And that's what me endiabla. Every time I tried to listen to my gut, one text from her suddenly came, and I was back at it again. This song brings out a subconscious part of me, yelling at myself to knock it off, or we will stay in this endless cycle. Remember, don't trust in women other than your mom.


This was the anthem of the post-Covid season. I recently adapted to the HITT workout life back in BUCU's garage when this theme came out. I remember not being able to do five burpee's in under a minute! My fitness journey began, and this song would always be on reply.


When I look up at the stars, this song comes on in the background of my thoughts. I blink a few times, and I see my aunt in the night sky. I lost her not too long ago. In some way, this song resonates with her memory because I know she loved Bad Bunny, despite his songs being different from what she would prefer for music. I imagine myself flying in space with her, going around the moon a few times. Then take a trip to Mars and back. That guitar touch and scream at the end is just, wow!


What I would have done for this one girl at the time. I became submissive to her. I kept it lowkey because she wanted it like that. I tried to treat her out, spoil her to some good dinner and fun getaways. I wanted to feel her blonde hair on my chest every chance we had. But that didn't last. She even told me herself, Sorry Papi...


Of course, when I got my Tesla, I had to test the rubber on the surface. I won't say where but this song does make you do 120. The adrenaline you get every time this song comes on is surreal and beyond. The breeze hits your face, like a powerful force running down your neck, spine, legs, and then suddenly, you let it out by screaming the lyrics: CORONAMOS!


The year 2021 was a tough one. There were a lot of melancholy times. Yet, just as the song explains, a veces para sonreir, hay que llorar. As things got more complex, simultaneously came in the clarity that it was for the best. For one, being in back-to-back car accidents got me the dream car I always wanted. My distancing from my parents created a better relationship with them. Not only that, my persistent dedication to putting myself out there got me the job I most love to this day! Those tears created the rainbow that led to my pot of gold. I may not have understood this song when it came out (November 2020), but once I was near the end of 2021, it was clear the best was yet to come. Con mucho mucho mucho, well, you know the rest.


This bonus track from the album is from Trio Vegabajeño, a legendary Puertorican group from the 1940s up to the early 1980s. This music resonates with me and my grandma's household. I have seen her dance to this a few times while blasting the album. One of the best decisions in my life was getting closer to her. So much to learn from her, and it's a blessing to have her in my life. And yes, I danced to this song with her so many times.


Overall, the album was a transition from the end of the world to the new world. The pandemic may still exist, but the world is still trying its best to put it behind. The apocalyptic world Bad Bunny portrayed with his truck is heading to a better world, where we may all be together once more. As I prepare for this concert, my mind is latched with the sentiment that this event will be the first of many as we set to return to a life of what it once was.

Written By: George M.












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