S2 #9.5: What Else Do You Want to Hear?

Everybody thinks that my life is perfect. They don't see what lies underneath. I've told you everything wrong occurring in my life. What else do you want to hear?

How about the girl that stole from my party was having a relationship crisis when we met. She took me out, trying to get me fed instead of nurturing her man instead. After the whole incident, it pushed her back to him and got a baby out of it. They should thank me for putting their relationship back in check. What else do you want to hear?

I've gotten pretty clever with this whole dating fiasco. First, I see couples loving in public but holding other hands behind the curtain. Then, a few months later, they end up with the side piece behind the curtain, while the side piece is doing the same thing with the curtain next to them. I told my close friends to be careful with that; Karma is always around the corner and will put them back in last. But then again, they still want to learn their lesson. So what else do you want to hear?

How about the people you saw me hang out with are no longer on my side. They didn't move on from me; I chose to walk away in reality. I'm a nomad, a lone wolf finding his proper pack. Let's call this one of those "parts of life" moments. Don't worry about your secrets; they're safe with me. Just make sure you don't cross me, just like the people I'm about to name on this piece.

I would never bite the hand that fed me, even when it helped me during tough times. But to let the same hand hit me is never justifiable. I could never pull what you pulled on me. I don't think there's malice in your heart; you just want to belittle me because of the ego you want to have. Keep telling yourself you're taking a semester off after everyone in your class graduated. Keep telling yourself that hitting the gym once in a while will keep you fit. I could never hate on your work because that hate will only make you great. So let's keep you down there, "nice beat you got there." What else do you want to hear?

How about family members that always had it against me. They invariably told me they believed in me until I reached a point beyond their reach. Assuming that I needed to humble myself, love thy blood. But the truth is family doesn't end in blood, and it doesn't start there either. They weaponized my imaginations for their personal gain. Criticizing a 10-year-old boy who kept dropping on the ground in the middle of the supermarket and bringing it up years later at every family function. But look where my imagination has brought me. It's disappointing to destroy bridges, but sometimes they work out for the best. My life is less of a complete mess with you guys away from my address. What else do you want to hear?

Life was calm and suffocating until I started risking it and yelling. My new decisions have helped me uncover truths that my old self could never tolerate and learn from. I meant what I said in that first Short Story. Standing by my words is a demonstration of my solemnity. That's why I ignored your follow notification on Instagram. Not just for my own good, but for your own good too. We had a great run, a friendship that will be remembered and cherished in that time frame. It's time to let get go of that shame. And don't worry about me, I'll do the same. What else do you want to hear?

All I do is spread goodness from the bottom of my heart. Yet, they only call out the wrongs I took part in. Though no doubt, I made mistakes. But now I'm raising the stakes. Everyone gasps, and now they are only throwing at me what they think will make me shake. I don't want any acquaintances at my funeral. No ex flings that want to set me up and get me killed. All I want is those that cherish me and everything I bring to the table. I rather have you envy me, even after when I'm gone.

And this could be sooner than I thought, as my health is telling me it may be time. So I may not have hit my prime, but I'll know the posts released after my death will give you all a good showtime. Don't let the fools confuse you when they tell you otherwise. In this world, everyone dies, so what matters is what you put out before you go out. What else do you want to hear?

Written By: George M.

Anonymous 2: I see him typing. Quick, help me climb the wall, and boost me up into the balcony.

Anonymous 1: Hurry, you're so heavy.

Anonymous 2: Shut up. When you climb, grab those wires attached to the wall and reach for my hand.

*Successfully climbs up the balcony*

Anonymous 1: So, now what?

Anonymous 2: You get the laptop and start writing. I'll get that fucker...

To be continued...

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