S2 #8: Evil has No Gender

The world is full of evil.

People can be careless of what they do in life. We move without considering the slightest thought that what we do may have a butterfly effect so little impactful in our own lives yet high in someone else's. Words have the same kind of power. I'll admit, this outcome was somewhat of a surprise to me. I always figured that you'd get the same energy back you throw into the universe. Like dropping a seed into that wishing well and expecting blooming flowers to sprout out. Not the crap I got from this one female.

She made me feel like my heart was on fire for the first time in a long time. It's like a train engine burning coal and going high speed, compelling me to do all these extravagant things to express how I felt for her, from being a constant texter again to making origami and composing sweet poems for her. I even dedicated a blog post for this woman to at least attempt to retain her attention. But, as a man, I accepted defeat when it was set and done, and I let it be. I kept my head high because I knew what is meant for me would be there for me. Dealing with a broken heart isn't hard at all when you have the right mindset within you. So, I eventually recovered without slipping into my consciousness. The story could have ended here, and this post would have been nonexistent. However, words have a funny way of coming back around.

Months later, I became aware that she had found herself a new benefactor. A woman like her refuses to walk alone. I didn't think much of it as I surpassed the illusion I had for her a few months back now. Soon thereafter, I realized she had made a choice between myself and this wealthy donor of hers. She went for the one she deemed worthy of her heart; and capable of her caretaking. Yet, funny how a small conversation of 'what could have been' led to a significant discovery of how dark a human being can be. I began obtaining this exclusive information from a reliable source related to her new partner. This devil had crafted the perfect narrative to mask the truth behind the time we spent together. It still intrigues me to this day how her so-called "scapegoat" of a story was derived from delusion and lies.

In her fiction, she explained to her lover that the only reason she cut ties with me was that I forced myself on her. I was confounded when trying to recall the precise moment where this might have happened; I understand specific actions might become interpreted differently by others, but I could not pinpoint why or how I could have made her feel this way. There is only one truth; this did not happen. Unfortunately, in a world where society often sees the accused as culpable, it becomes impossible to become exonerated, let alone seek redemption. A girl I once viewed as a precious, fragile, innocent soul with jaw-dropping curves, now turned and will forever be, a cursed manipulative, hypocritical demon. I never expected such immatureness from someone like her, considering she advocates for feminine empowerment.

Of course, not only did my conscience and inner circle vouch for my innocence but so did those who genuinely know me as a person. This perspective was shared by someone related to my adversary. Despite knowing me very little, this individual could see me for my humanity and wouldn't believe any falsehood about me even if God told him otherwise. Nevertheless, the fact still stands that this girl attempted to tarnish my reputation over the insecurity of her new lover. I couldn't let her get away with this. Despite my rage, the other party suggested letting it go, as he deemed this rumor should only exist among us. Regrettably, for him, a rumor of this magnitude could simply not be contained.

I received a message from her lover. It was quite an act on his part, but I knew this was orchestrated by no other than that demon girl herself. The individual from the other party clarified with me that the two love birds clashed into a verbal discussion about the whole situation. And somehow, the weak-minded lover got easily manipulated by the tramp, forcing her hand by testing his manhood, an ultimatum where either he says something or she will. This guy seemed like a wallflower. It amazes me how someone who vouches for the feminist movement suddenly becomes a damsel in distress, begging to be protected by none other than a male.

Now many may view the severity of this situation as minimal. However, we must not forget that's how it starts. A small false rumor can lead to a calamity of one's life. Future opportunities get tarnished. And the villain walks away, aware that she conceals the truth and the key to the innocent's freedom. You would be surprised how common these scenarios come to be in today's world. Women who make false accusations show no sign of remorse. They know better than to make up a scandal, where it eventually takes a life of its own. Little do they know that this false gossip harms the real cause of women struggling to speak up against their abuser.

This girl is selfish and a hypocrite to even make up something like that. And to think she is a feminist and advocates for women's rights. She is no better than a mere crook looking to use any cause for their benefit and gain.

And this is the part where I want my fellow kings to listen and beware. Evil has various disguises we opt not to notice. The physique might look sweet, but once you take the first bite of that apple, you'll taste its unsuitable flavor, which won't only poison your soul but also ruin your life. So let it not be forgotten; it's best to keep your conscience clean by respecting boundaries. Never push or overdo it. No means no!

As for this girl, perhaps those shades you kept from me might serve a higher purpose; to help mask all that evil you possess deep inside.

Written By: George M.

*Unknown location*

Anonymous 1: He's getting bolder now. We need to intervene.

Anonymous 2: Not yet. Let's see what else he's going to post. Soon enough, he will meet us. We'll give him something to write about.

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