S2 #7: The Last Time I Felt Something

It's silly for me to think about making a long drive for someone I never met before. But here I am again, taking a chance that will even be crazy to tell now. One thing is for sure; this experience was the best and worst thing ever happening to me.

I wanted to escape my reality that day. Become impulsive at the expense of my time and gasoline. By the way, thank you, Joe Biden, for having me check my meter every 50 miles or so. After two hours of putting the pedal to the metal, I got to my destination. The best part started. I went to meet this gal. Her choice of place to meet was fascinating to me as it was an antique coffee shop. Upon reaching her, face to face, her choice of words mesmerized me. She introduced herself so pleasantly and politely. I just knew it was going to be quite a delightful afternoon. And I was right because, at an instant, I got attached to our conversation. We started with the obvious cliche questions. But simultaneously, I was also studying her. She was wearing a nice dark sweater with what appears to be a grey cardigan on top. Very casual dressed. She also had a book in her hands, tightly gripping the edges of the pages. It revealed to me she was a bibliophile. The cup of tea she ordered was getting less warm. I could tell by the steam diminishing from the cup. She was waiting for me to get to the place before she would take a sip. A lady with class, how could I let that go unnoticed. I complimented her choice of location. I told her this was a place I would never have thought of because there's no place comparable in my town. We only have Starbucks. She chuckled. The atmosphere in the coffee shop was like no other. There was a mixture of modern colors with nostalgic authentic-like renaissance art. It felt like having a cup of coffee in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

What made this encounter quite mysterious yet captive at the same time was her face mask. She kept it on the majority of our time in the coffee shop. So really, I never saw her actual appearance until later on. Her voice was soft, sweet. Very delicate that it cushions your ears when you hear her. You could sit there and listen to her talk and talk and let time escape. However, I had to pay attention and follow up on our conversation, as I didn't want to resemble a sloth, even if I just finished driving for two hours straight.

Our conversation consisted of each other's interests. I learned a lot in just under an hour. She had me hooked with everything she said. An early sign that my heart was going to latch. She is unique. As she went to the bathroom, I noticed how respectfully she excused herself as she got up from her chair. While she was away, I kept asking myself if this feeling is happening. The establishing of sentimental emotions for someone I met today is falling upon me? Does such sorcery still exist to this day? It's not like I'm in my teens, young, naive, and gullible to easily be influenced by such a credulous spell. Still, I resume listening to my heart, and there I remained, glancing at the hallway where the bathrooms were waiting for her to come back. I saw the door's shadow move, and I quickly turned around as I knew she was coming back.

I took a sip of my coffee. As she came back and sat down, I nearly choked on my hot mocha drink when I came to realize she took off her mask. And my oh my. She was beautiful. Her face was angelic. So delighting and magnificent. Like an entity so bright that's out of this world. Just jaw-dropping. All at once. I began to stutter. My words were coming very clumsy and foolish. If I may remember, she even began to giggle because of it. I smiled, and my stuttering came to an end, and we resumed our conversation.

We left the antique coffee shop soon after and walked around for a bit. Our last moments included us trying to make future plans to see if we could accommodate our schedules and if I could make her some brownies. It never came to be. We both live in two different worlds. A 2-hour driving distance is definitely like traveling from one world to another, like Earth to Mars on a nuclear-powered fuel spaceship. The only memory I got from her is a selfie with her. As I drove back to New Jersey that day, I deemed that maybe the one for me may be out there, in another world. Someplace where everything is different from my upbringing town. The next step I had to do is follow up, but I managed to mess up a simple task like that.

I sabotage myself. I don't know why I do it. I like to think it's more of a mechanism in me that activates when I like someone. I try too hard. My best friend at the time notified me that's what girls detest very. I'm told I have to act like I have options. Otherwise, girls look at it as an easy deal, and nobody wants someone they know they can always have. I can see how most individuals turn the "talking stage" into this psychological warfare battlefield. I came in hot, ready to give it all. I transformed into this "extra person," where I act all macho in the direct messages to retain the little spark me and the other gal started. Yet, I always end up doubting myself. Perhaps it's because I'm not fully aware of modern-day dating. As if I have to follow society's routine of establishing a relationship with someone by first purporting a person I'm not. I have a distinctive way of approaching this. Call me old-fashioned, but that's how I know how to portray my feelings for someone. Maybe that's why I got magnetized by this girl. She has a vintage heart with a beautiful mind.

Like I mentioned at the beginning. This experience was the best and worst thing ever. It turned worst when I gave up trying to establish something with her. Letting doubt and distance get in the way is an excuse I can no longer tolerate. Moral of the story; When the butterfly lands on you, don't be hesitant and let it get away. Catch it.

So if she ever reads this, "manda una señal, amor."

Written By: George M.

*I get home and receive a phone call*

"What's up, bro?"

"Yeo, you're not going to believe what I just found out—you dodge a bullet with this one..."

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