S2 #7.2: I'm Sorry (Interlude)

I'm sorry, but I can't fall for the same circumstance. All of this feels familiar. The one-day smiles and butterflies in my stomach when your name pops up in my phone, then the next pure heart clutches when you miss a day to write me. Where I try to reach out more than I should. Building a bridge more than halfway where it will always fold down, and I'll find myself once again in that abyss. I've become too smart to repeat it all again. My time is gold.

I would have loved to collide worlds with you. Take a trip into your realm, and fly into both of your lips. Make you feel the stars and then take you into mine. That drive could have been the most challenging part, but getting to you would relieve it. Break the tension by making love in the car, then take you back to your books. But your neglect is killing me inside, so I'm a wounded man walking away with dignity. I'm never letting anyone make me feel like that again. I'm a prideful guy, but this isn't about pride. I just familiarized myself with all the red flags. This shit isn't new to me.

I've been through some rough shit. Yet, I'm standing tall today because of the external and internal struggles I surpassed. There were moments where I doubted myself, kicked myself, and took losses without the lesson. Wasted my time until I realized my worth and started losing the wicked people left and right. Baby, I'm sorry, but you'll just be one less person to worry about. My time is gold.

Women just want to have a broken man. Where they can make love and fix them and claim "that's all them." They will never admit their guilty pleasure because that would expose everything wrong that drives them in this modern love. It's the game they choose to play. And to see you in that field makes you typical instead of atypical.

The cynical side of me is calling once again, and I might just pick up. Of course, Momma raised me better, but those are lectures from her time, and time has changed. The morals aren't the same; The values are degrading. It's a full-scale psychological war in this new world here. No longer will I stand still while the next person takes an aim. I'm doing me until a force stops me, someone, who's willing to fight for a real man who has put double the effort all his life.

So I'm sorry, baby. Don't try and make me fall in love, or I won't hang with you. It's been a while since I've fallen in love with anyone. And I'm for you to do it again, but my time is gold. So I don't rush for anyone. I'm sorry, baby.

Written By: George M.

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