S2 #6.1: The Shooting Star

Looking at the stars and I started to see you. I asked you what about the promise you made me when I saw you the last time. The promise where you would let me see you again. To that, you responded, "I'm here, aren't I?"

You tell me it's beautiful where you are. All the galaxies you can travel to are endless. But you chose to stay here by the moon.

I tell you if I could fly, I'd go to you, take you by the hand and

leave far away from this land.

Go around galaxies and look at the stars, blow up and be reborn again.

You worry that they hurt, but here there's no such thing as pain.

The cosmos amuse you here with colorful light shows.

The atmosphere is wonderfully eccentric.

You can feel it all around, from your head to your toes.

We passed by a diamond planet

So many scintillating crystals in one place

You even find it unbelievable.

You tell me the shiniest mineral you've seen was granite.

But I tell you now you're richer than all on Earth,

The universe is your canvas.

I tell you I want to stay here with you.

I haven't shown you what else the nebula has in store.

So much to explore with unlimited views.

I don't want to let go of your hand.

Cause that for sure will mean you're gone.

You begin to smile and laugh.

Very charming and enigmatic,

It'd be the best photograph.

You point to my heart.

Suddenly, the light behind you brightens up on your behalf.

You tell me:

"I'll always be here, but I'll also be up there

My dad and I will watch you from above.

Place your hand together in prayer,

And we'll communicate, my love."

"You will always be my Hombre Pollo,

Remember what I taught you

Follow your heart for a happy life.

It will keep you away from all the strife."

You let go of my hand, and I fell back into the Earth.

I crashed through the roof, back into my body.

I woke up and looked out the window. And there you were.

So swift and sprightly, you showed up and disappeared within a second.

Glaring at the once again dark sky, I said, "Rest easy, Tia.

Enjoy the heavens with your dad.

Although we are left here sad,

Know that we'll be alright.

Stay bright, and I'll always find you late at night."

I couldn't be there in person at your funeral. But I hope the flowers and this poem can fill the empty seat for not being there at your burial. You taught me life is less complicated when you follow your heart. You took me in and treated me with a kind of love that was out of this world. I will never forget that from you, Tia. I wish I could talk more about you, but it's time to let you rest. So instead, I'll honor your memory by embodying your spirit and portraying your love to others—the kind that's authentic and essential. I love you, Tia. Descnasa ahora. Esto no es un adiós sino un hasta luego.

-Hombre Pollo.

Cecilia Muñoz



Written By: George M.

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