S2 #5 :The Face of a Mistress

I don't know what it is in today's world that has many consistently looking for sex. Heck, what am I complaining about? I'm a guy. I should be grateful that these women are only hitting my line to hit the sheets. But the truth is, I'm not always like that. You see, I'm the type of guy who believes in monogamy. One day I want to actually settle down. Although one must remember, you can never find love if you live the similar life of someone who always goes to the brothel. That pattern of life won't get you to succeed the goal of another lifestyle. And while sure, a guy can only dream about having a girl sext him constantly about the things she wants to do to him and turn a blind eye two weeks later as if nothing happened, that doesn't mean that's all he's suitable for. People have to stop stereotyping that guys only want sex. Of course, we do. All humans do, but some of us want more!

The first time someone told me I got the face of a mistress, it came from my cousin. She labeled me this title when I told her about this date I had. Well, of course, I'm going to tell you what happened, my readers. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't? So here's the scoop:

So I go out on this small date with this girl. We hit this coffee shop where they apparently serve some very bitter-sweet margaritas. As we approach our seats and make our order, we initiate our convo with the icebreaker; "So are you seeing anyone?" I answered no. As for her, she explained her situation with this guy she "supposedly" ended things with. She continued telling me that this guy was very secretive towards her. Every time she went to see him in his hometown, he would keep a certain distance from her and behave strangely. Her assumption was that he had someone else around but could never prove it. Therefore, she tried to end the fling with him. However, that guy wouldn't take no for an answer and begged her not to let him go. And yes, there were tears. So at that point, she concludes that she "decided" to give him another chance, but at the same time ensures that she no longer wishes to continue to talk to him.

I felt a sense of attraction from her. She wanted me to know that she was available despite having this other guy on a thin line; she used her words carefully. And I fell for it. So, not knowing her agenda, I proposed an idea to her for us to take this night elsewhere and spice up the evening a bit. So we left the coffee shop and drove towards the park near the town. We were stationed in the parking lot. And right before things would start to heat up, the craziest thing occurs! Her phone starts to ring. She picks up the phone, and you can already guess who's on the other line...THE OTHER GUY. I was waiting for her next move and see what that meant for the moment we were about to have. I was mind baffled. Her following words exploded my mind. She said, "I'm going to answer and say you're just a friend." *Answers phone* "Hi, my love."

I was appalled. This girl entirely hypocritically went against everything she told me that night. It's like she flipped a switch in her brain and turned utterly into someone else. She continued to converse with the guy on the phone while making the decision to drive me back home. The date ended abruptly. This girl had an agenda for me, and it nearly blew up in her face.

Many guys reading this are probably absurd at me for complaining about the stunt this girl pulled on me. Probably some of you would prefer to go along with it because it's not you who's getting cheated on. Well, imagine when the tables are turned. Surely we wouldn't want ourselves to get played like that. We want to treat others the way they want to be treated. Then again, that's only one part we can play. The rest depends on your significant other. If someone wants to cheat, they will eventually do so, no matter how long one can delay that fate. But that's just one reason.

I honestly felt bad for this guy. Knowing that your girl just lied to you, saying that she was with me as a friend, as if that was the best cover-up she could ever come up with. As for me, I felt used. The roles have been flipped! No longer should there be one-sided conversations about scandalous situations where it's only men that lie to utilize women for ego-boosting, sexual entertainment. Women are capable of performing the same devious mischievousness. At this point, this concept of being a player shouldn't be stereotyped as a male kind of thing. Instead, let's put people like this in one single category labeled douchebag.

Once I got back to my aunt's house. I recollected my thoughts. I started to think about Hester Prynne, the main protagonist from "The Scarlet Letter." She committed a societal taboo by cheating on her husband, even though she and the community believed he died at sea, but when he returned after a long time, they condemned her for it. They marked her as the town's whore. Although she didn't ask for this public humiliation to ensue, it invigorated her to embrace the scarlet A and act as a confessor to other women who have broken similar laws. She chose this mark to be a beacon of light to help others facing similar dilemmas. It's always been about choice.

As a man who believes in superstitions (and who's been put through possibly worse scenarios of my own doing), I think what goes around comes around isn't an unrealistic adage as most claim. So I chose not to continue associating with her for the rest of my time in Ecuador. I don't blame her for her action. She's probably just as lost as the rest of us are when it comes to dating. Maybe she had a reason for that kind of behavior. Or possibly she hasn't witnessed/experienced enough nonsense to know lying someone like that has a mean way of frisbee-ing back to you. Moments like these demonstrate to me that acting up is part of human nature.

So, where does that leave me? Well, I don't ever want to be put into a situation like that ever again. Yet, anyone can be put into that position (if you think about it) if they allow themselves to be in one. If you want someone to take you seriously, then take yourself out of that characteristic equation. Escape the life pattern that you so desperately want out. If your dating techniques aren't efficacious for you, then it's time to look at yourself in the mirror and consider a change. Be more elusive. Control your sensual urges. Put out the energy you want to receive from others. Develop into the image you want people to perceive you for.

What am I doing to improve? Well, I'm attempting to take this "A" off me.

Written By: George M.

"The audacity of some people."

"Hahaha, well, next time, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into."

"We'll see about that, I mean the these wo—"

*"Breaking news, it is with heavy hearts to report that our co-worker Efraín Ruales has been shot and killed. The 36-year-old journalist was receiving death threats for reporting corruption on the—"*

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