S2 #4: The Garden of Truth

There's something magical about this place. Could it be that it's because it's filled with pure life? The kind of life where it can only be inherited from the Earth. This place has a way to inspire you. The atmosphere is full of natural fresh air, working its way into your body, through the nostrils, and into your lungs. This bucolic setting steals your eyes. The natural green color overwhelms the retinas, with the magenta blossoms sparkle the parterre picture. Even taking a piece from this place, like putting a leaf on your ear, works its way on you. And before you know it, it sinks deep inside your soul. The primal instinct to be sincere becomes more apparent.

I don't know how it just naturally came about, but this one conversation I shared with my grandma sure had a way to shake me up. Not even my family here is safe from pandora's box. It goes to show that no one on this planet can escape the inevitable wrath of pain. She continued to tell me all the troubles that occur here. My so-called little paradise is tainted with the typical family drama that has reverberated throughout every single household for eons. I couldn't bear to listen to this.

Yet, I ought to listen. The truth is always better. It brings tranquility to your heart and thy neighbor. Even if the fact induces pain, that truth's sole purpose is to purify your soul, cleanse you from any malicious intentions you may bring to yourself in the near future. To teach you to whatever pain one once brought to you, to not do to others. Just as lies may seem to protect someone, but really, you're adding fuel to the flames; the truth will set them free. It supplies them the power to make the choice that they're willingly required to take. And as humans, we all seek someone of their own accord. The truth shows maturity and growth.

Maturity comes with being truthful because it demonstrates your understanding of the importance of being honest in society. Honesty creates opportunity and establishes deeper connections with one another. And growth because it displays strength and respect. It's never easy to express to someone how you feel about a particular circumstance, and regardless of the outcome, you'll be admired for it, maybe not at the moment but eventually.

With that being said, I want to take you all back to the garden. The air here enchants me to speak my truth into certain things that have been on my mind these past few weeks:

  • You, of all people, should know that we all pay the price of whatever misdeed we commit, little or big. This course of nature isn't my law but the law of life. Its victimology is very broad and never discriminates. So remember that cliche phrase of "what goes around comes around" is real. That's why I will never be pressed for you to mislead me. Whatever it is that's coming for you, know I won't be there to witness or care.

  • Our last message was tragic honestly, which pretty much resembles where we stand today. I sense the pettiness in the air every time I upload a post. But no matter what, I will always be grateful for what do you did for me. Just like we naturally fell off, I pray for the day we naturally make that comeback.

  • For those who unsubscribed, I know who you are. Don't worry. I don't hold grudges, considering it's just an email removal from a web mailing list. But I know I won't have trouble getting this message across to most of you. And you'll see that although I don't have malice in my heart. I have a profusion of respect for myself, so don't expect me to build that bridge. Please do yourself a favor and clear out my way. I don't have time for false supporters.

  • My heart breaks for you. You don't deserve a husband who puts money before you. There's no excuse for him trying to put food on the table when you're not even there to sit. I want you to know that you have an entire roster that unconditionally loves you. You're full of animate and love, so proceleusmatic that I had to travel miles to see you.

  • A decade of friendship has gone to waste. Yet, how could we forget a true friendship is not measured by how long one lasted but based on how much both contributed towards the bond. You can only do so much for someone until they close the door on you. And the most benighted thing they can do is expect the other to open that door when it's locked from the other side. I will no longer be knocking. You got to get rid of the unnecessary to make room for the new and better.

The truth will always be the turning point of any climax. Any situation can turn out for the better or worse. That's why people are so afraid to be truthful. They can't predict the outcome and what the other side will do with the factual information. Perhaps that's why I told my truth without hesitation. Because I no longer fear the consequence that may up-bring to me. Detaching myself from my emotions, only to be honest with the world, can be a luxury or induce danger to myself.

Written By: George M.

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