S2 #1: I Caught Covid

We all knew this was going to happen. The inevitable fate a pandemic brings is that we all will eventually catch the pathogen. I won't lie to you. I've gone out numerous times during the pandemic. As controversial as that sounds, I played my part as a responsible citizen. I maintained a six-foot distance from strangers, kept my face mask on, covering both my nose and mouth. I even sanitized my hands and car with 100% pure alcohol for every occasion I would go out. Despite it all, the unavoidable happened. Ironically, it was around a time I didn't prepare to do anything out of the ordinary from my weekly routine. Welcome to my Covid-19 journal.

Day 1

I have barricaded myself in my room. Tylenol pills, scented candles, Mentol Chino, and bottles of water ready to be in use, all located on the side of my bed. Television ready for binge-watching entertainment, and a phone charger plugged in for unlimited smartphone FaceTime calls. I was prepared for this 10-day quarantine. My symptoms were flu-like, with minor coughing and a sore throat. Optimism was always on my mind. Assuring myself that this virus isn't as perdure as it sounds. Boy, I was wrong from the start.

Day 2

I resumed staying locked inside of my room. The binge-watching started to feel a bit tedious and vexatious. The buttons on the remote look over-pressed, as if I abused it harshly with my thumb. I decided to catch up on some reading. Status report on my health: I continued to have the same symptoms with the addition of a stuffy nose. I was able to breathe well. However, it did feel uncomfortable to sleep that night. It took me an estimate of 40 minutes before I started counting z's. The medicine was horrible to taste, but it's all for the best. I had to get used to it for now, at least.

Day 3

My sleeping schedule was falling off the board. I kept taking naps throughout the day of how much boredom has overwhelmed me. My body began to experience mild soreness, especially around my neck. My fever was rising higher than the thermometer can tell. The chills would give me goosebumps, making me wrap my arms every second of the day. I pretty much lost the desire to do anything at this point. The only leisure that kept me distracted was the group calls I kept having with close friends. I started to miss the outside world. I just wanted to get better.

Day 4

The wrath of the 'VID' took a more vile wave at me, harsh than I anticipate it would affect me. Kevin Hart was right. Calling Covid-19 the 'VID' does make it sound hazardous. I decided to order some wings via the DoorDash app. I instructed the driver to leave it at the door, and my grandmother delivered it to my room. Once she was six feet away from my room's premises, I gripped tight the snack box and pulled it into my room. After an hour of waiting, I was ready to feast on this mouth-watering snack. When I took my first bite, I tasted nothing. I had lost my sense of taste and smell! I freaked out. With utter disappointment, I shamefully set the box aside with a loss of appetite. I was at another level with this 'VID.' I grew more concerned about my condition. I didn't even notice the Tylenol taste any longer, and those have the worst bitter solid tastes. I felt like this virus was going to put me in a much worse position. And I was right.

Day 5

This day was the peak of my 'VID' experience. By far, the worst day of my life. All of my symptoms are attacking simultaneously. I had a fever, a stuffed nose, no sense of taste and smell, and irritation on my throat. The facet joints on my neck were hurting. I couldn't turn my aching head without feeling the uncomforted pain. I drank a lot of tea, followed by some Tylenol. I had the Vicks Vapor machine on, despite me not being able to smell the minty odor. I begged for the day to end. And even so, I couldn't get that to happen. At night I wasn't able to sleep. My body was exhausted. My eyelids would shut down. But I couldn't sleep. Every nerve in my body was aching. I keep wallowing around my bed. I was too cold; the next, it was too hot to be below the blanket. It is such an oxymoron; I was tired, but I couldn't sleep. It was tormenting! Finally, after hours of trying to sleep, the NyQuil seemed to kick in around 5 AM.

Day 6-7

It was the beginning of the downhill part of the 'VID' rollercoaster ride. I was finally feeling a bit like myself. The fever finally went down a notch. Other symptoms resumed in play. I performed minor activities like blogging, cleaning my room, and even achieving a few push-ups. It's weird, transitioning from one solemn bad health day to the next being all normal. Perhaps the white cells in my body overturned the battle against the coronavirus. I'm just glad they didn't Kamikaze with me in the counterattack. I've read a few cases where people, once they got worse, they never recover from it. Don't call me Shirley, but I was sure that I was going to make it.

Day 8-10

The last three days breezed through quickly. At that point, my fever diminished, my nose was no longer congested, and the soreness of my throat went away smoothly. The only symptom that stayed for 2-3 more weeks was the lost sense of taste and smell. Overall I was relieved the worst has passed. I was able to leave my room again for the first time (with a mask on). My grandma would always avoid me, which is understandable as she remained wary of me until I took my next covid test. It's safe to say now; I survived Covid-19. But does that justify that I should be reckless out there in the world? No!


The coronavirus may have had little effect on me; for instance, whenever I drink coca-cola or lemonade juice, now there's this weird aftertaste that develops inside me for the first time since I had covid. Still, I don't share the same chance as others. I had friends rushed into the hospital because of their incapability to breathe. One friend said it was a miracle that he survived. The doctor told him that he shouldn't even be on this Earth after the fight he had to pull off with the coronavirus. And that's one of many stories from the living. As for the dead, dozens of families are forever scarred. A vast hole in their lives due to the loss of a loved one. Ages ranging from 18-29, a total of 1,822 (and counting) have died due to the coronavirus in 2020/2021. I'm explicitly mentioning this age group to demonstrate that even the young are not invincible. We also need to realize that many of the regular protocols we use have changed drastically with the pandemic. For example, people who died in non-covid related situations have to get cremated now. Imagine being a parent who lost their child due to an unforeseen event, and the police tell you that they have to cremate the body because of the pandemic. Now you can't even hold your children's body and give a proper farewell.

Many human lives are being risked every day. Having a lack of consideration for others is making another person's death bed. We as a society need to work together until this pandemic comes to an end. What you can do to minimize the spread of the coronavirus is simple.

  • Wear a mask in public places.

  • Minimize the amount of time you go out to small space locations. And when you do, keep your distance always.

  • And of course, this is the important one, if you're even feeling a little bit under the weather, STAY HOME.

I don't care if you're about have a once in a lifetime date with Beyonce. Don't be thoughtless. My story may not have been a sobbed one, but it could be in another family. If we follow these simple points, maybe, just maybe, we can finally climb out of the abyss that the coronavirus has pushed us all in since last year in March 2020 and come back into the world that we all love and used to recognize. That could put an end to family members receiving their dead relatives in ashes and give them the proper closure they undeniably need.

Rest in Peace, Jeffrey Mendoza. You didn't deserve what happened to you. And you don't deserve having your case closed. You and your family deserve transparency. Please help me here by signing the petition to aid Jeffrey's family get the proper justice they righteously need. The link will be below.

LINK: http://chng.it/tpyNFPHfmH

Source: CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm)

Written By: George M.

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