Quarantine Chronicles: Love Can Kill

Entry: August 3, 2020

Loving blindly can proceed into one's (own) demise. A mother bird and baby bird live on the side of a volcanic mountain. The mother, overprotective and vigilant, always assures the baby bird is within her eye vision, safe. The baby bird, inexperienced with a full sense of adventure, wants to fly out of the nest and explore the world. However, the mother refuses to let it out on its own. The mother fears the baby will expose itself to any means of danger. Whenever they go out for food and water, the mother puts the baby on top of its back and flies off. This consistent routine plays off for a few years. One morning, the mother went to fetch grub alone while the baby bird lay asleep on the nest. Abruptly, the volcano erupts! The baby bird, helpless, attempt to flutter its wings in a desperate attempt to escape the hellish toxic magma flow. But it was pointless. The mother senselessly never lectured the baby bird on how to fly on its own. Collapsing to the bottom, unconscious, the baby bird remained crippled as the lava devoured its paralyzed body.

"Many can be blinded by the illusion of love, or rather confuse that there's only one form of love to convey. There's oodles way of loving, applying the same one can consequently hurt a beloved one."

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