Quarantine Chronicles: Internal Struggle

Entry: June 9, 2020

We are all human. Vulnerable. Weak. Fragile. Flawed. We all go through many types of pain. There's pain that's out of our control; accidents, sicknesses, even the 'tiny ones that don't matter' kind of pain. And then there's pain that we inflict on others or ourselves—fights, killings, racism, sexual abuse, heartbreaks, suicide. Outer pain can be temporary. It can be healed. Leave a scar or two. But it can be fixed. Inner pain, that's another matter. This pain may never be resolved, 100%. This pain could never leave you. You can suppress it. Yet the experience, the trauma, the nightmare, it will always be there. Everyone has a different internal struggle, this intangible pain. Do you know yours?

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