First Post: Welcome

Introduction of myself & what to expect from this blog.


I'm usually good at introducing myself but this blog is a little bit different for me so bear with me. Hi, my name is George. George Miranda. I'm currently 23 years old and I recently graduated from Kean University. I'm a first generation graduate in the family, so best believe this is all new to everyone in my household. I majored in accounting, good career especially around the Tri-state region. I enjoy the outdoors; going hiking and exploring new places is a little obsession I have. You wouldn't believe the places I discovered during the coronavirus quarantine phase. And before you say anything, yes, I wore my mask. Another avocation I have is being a major geek for outer space facts. That's right. I rather go stargazing with my telescope then to a nightclub that offer $2 shots for the night. Yeah, that's the kind of person I am. Only problem is that I can't become an astronomer in my backyard for two reasons. 1. I don't have a backyard. And 2. I live in the city where light pollution makes it quite difficult to see the stars at night. But nonetheless, yes I live in the city called Newark. In a small town called Ironbound. I grew up here my entire life. So love it or hate it, this place impacted my life forever. If you want to learn more about me, click my ABOUT tab. Not everything has been posted yet, but I'll keep updating along this blog journey.


Why start the blogs?

This blog idea was something I've been poking around for years! Why did I stall so long to finally make it happen? I don't know. Perhaps lack of inspiration, not enough motivation. But majority of it was really procrastination. I will get more into detail on the next post. I want to make these blogs as professional, informative, and chiefly entertaining. This is all new to me, and to you. So let's enjoy these posts, where I will try to bring every aspect of my life to light. Hang on to your couches, because its going to be an interesting ride...

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