Allanah Bucu

With ambition and strength pumping through her veins, Allanah Bucu is pushing through for a bright future! The young athletic is paving the way for women in the fitness world, defying all stereotypes and reconstructing the social norms by pursuing her dream of becoming a fitness trainer.

Bucu, coming from a Filipino and Italian household, developed her passion for fitness playing sports in high school. She fell in love with the adrenaline off of the strength of being active. Bucu commenced working at a local gym and coaching basketball, which ultimately evolved into her setting up one-on-one training sessions. Additionally, the 25th-year-old obtained her influence from various women-fitness influencers claiming that seeing these women inspired her to pursue her passion for fitness training and aspired to bring the opportunity to train others in her hometown, Union, NJ. Thus, Bucu initiated Body by Bucu, an affordable and sustainable fitness program suitable for both men and women that tackles weight loss, muscle growth, and toning. Here are a few questions and responses we got from the determined fitness mentor, where you will learn more about her program and herself.

How do you determine the best training program for your clients?

Typically, I show workouts to my clients that I also do myself to understand what muscles we are targeting and assess each exercise's difficulty. I usually write myself the activities for the week and my targeted areas I'm trying to hit. I tend to modify some exercises for individual clients, like enhancing them. Some I do cardio-based depending if their goal is weight-loss or strength conditioning. I like to keep all clients' preferences into account.

Can you describe how you would motivate a client who is overweight?

It's more about them wanting it and doing it so they can feel good about themselves. I believe everyone has different ideas of the perfect weight, and I think you can accomplish it as long as you're willing to work hard and put effort into it.

How do you plan to provide outstanding customer service?

One of the big things I like to incorporate into any of my work relationships is accountability, so I believe that requires a fair amount of communication. To do that, I have to be pleasant to talk to. I have to be motivating. It would be best if I'm something your client looks forward to throughout the day. I try not to be overbearing, too much over the top. We converse as we go, and for the most part, kind of how I would want to be treated as a client.

Can you describe how you plan to retain a client that has reached their goal weight?

You know, I feel like we accomplish small goals every session we have, depending on the client you are. Whenever they feel content with their weight or the way their body looks, remember there's always room for improvement. Not everything is about the number per se because it's not as important as how you feel. Endurance is a big thing. Do you feel good once you get through the full training? Could you keep going? I believe these are different things that we can work on after a client has reached their goal weight.

What's your favorite type of workout?

I definitely love leg day. For sure, it's my favorite day when it comes to working out for the week.

What are your personal fitness goals?

I want to keep my endurance up. I'm looking to enhance my waist. As mention before, it's my favorite day. I do it at least 2-3 times a week. The HIIT helps me keep my endurance up. I have also been getting into back workouts recently, so I try to incorporate them twice a week.

What's your personal training philosophy?

I would say, "Finish Strong." Whether it's an 18-minute workout or an hour one-on-one session, you work hard from beginning to end; you dedicated your time here. Whenever I do the exercise, and I'm on the 6th round with 14 minutes in, ready to be done, I always remind myself that I came this far and I have to push myself just four more minutes. And towards the end, I do countdowns while putting much emphasis on "Finish Strong."

At this instant, Bucu continues her training program. Despite the pandemic, her objective to deliver the best quality training to her clients remains consistent. Implementing covid safety protocols and providing most of the equipment one can find in any gym, you can guarantee a secure and enjoyable workout experience here at Body by Bucu. Most of all, rest assured that joining this program will grant the results you want for your body. All are welcome to join. For more information on Body by Bucu:


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Writer's Opinion: Honestly, this has been one of the best decisions I've made. Joining Body By Bucu not only has changed my body, but it's also improved my tolerance drastically. That's something I never expected to develop. Plus, you meet a handful of great people too! I highly recommend this program to everyone that wants to work on their fitness. Thank you, Allanah!

Take the challenge! Watch the video below and see how many rounds you can do in 18 minutes!

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