#4 Sometimes Doing the Right Thing Sucks

You know that saying, 'the good guys end in last place'? Well that's not entirely true. See, I think whoever spoke that phrase into existence is a complete loser. The fundamental of that statement seems to come from a person who's been through a certain type of pain that he/she believes they could never recover from. What do I mean by this?

Let's imagine this, a guy gets heartbroken by someone he truly loved. In spite, he retaliates by stating, "love is for the weak," "love sucks," etc. This guy starts to manifest this type of negative energy, it slowly transforms him into a different kind of person. He no longer has that same heart. From here on out, every person he meets will no longer get that special treatment he once produced for someone he loved. He won't hesitate to add another person to the list of lovers that he may have. And his new motto, "either play or get played." Crazy right? I'm not talking about me by the way. But I believe this commonly happens a lot. People rather take the easy, painless path (the wrong thing) than the hard, painful path (the right thing) to help them deal with their problems. I can go deep with the concept of pain and how it makes us people better for it in another post. Right now, I want to explain that even when you make the right choice, it can really suck sometimes.

For instance, let’s say this guy decides to make the right choice and actually deals with the heartbreak by going through with the pain that comes with it. Now it sucks because he's going to have to endure all the consequences that come from that heart-wrenching breakup. Loneliness, fear, sadness, and anger. How does this choice sound like it was the right one? Well, if you really think about it, it helps our guy here grow by toning down his ego. An ego too high can't be too good in the aftermath of a breakup. It humbles him. On top of that, he doesn’t spread the negative energy he currently has to other potential people he might meet in the future. So, I guess in the end, even when you do the right thing and it sucks at the moment, there's hope for a better tomorrow. This guy will become a better human being for it. I like to believe whatever you do in this world; it will always come back to you. Trust me. So, the next person who tells you "the good guys end in last place," tell them to fuck off.

Now thinking about it, I guess I recently made a choice (the right thing). And although the outcome of it sucks now, I know I'll be okay. Remember, "a better tomorrow."

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