#15 How I Met My Long Lost Brother!

In the Summer of 2018, my life changed forever. But let me take you back first. When I was younger, I always dreamed of having a baby brother. Growing up in a household with my grandma, mom, and aunts, I wanted someone to relate to, someone I can share my interests with. On random nights, I would imagine how different my life would be if I had a little brother growing up at home. However, that fantasy never became a reality. Although I grew up with two beautiful sisters, I accepted that I didn't have a brother. Years passed and my life resumed naturally. I decided to purchase a flight ticket to Ecuador to enjoy the summer over there with my family. That’s where this story begins.

I arrived in the village of Cochancay. A small town just outside the city of La Troncal. Here resided my family from my biological father's side. I would always sleepover at my aunt Ceci's house. She lived in this green-lime color building that could easily be differentiated from the other houses nearby. And on top of that, they lived on the main road, so it was easy to find. My other aunt Nube also lives on the main road. Right about a five-minute walk from Ceci's house. The house is located in this corner, where a lady would always sell Bolon de Verde or Green Plantain Fritters under this wooden hut. I would always go there at night because there would be this wooden bench for my cousins and me to sit down, and we would converse about anything. On the third night, I was sitting there with my cousin Dayana and my aunt Nube. That's when she randomly spilled the beans.

"You know you have a brother, right?"

"What? Are you for real?"

"Yeah, he lives across the street from me."

"Get out of here!"

This is true. My aunt throws a significant bombshell on me with the news that I have a brother. The only reason she never mentioned him in the first place was that she was afraid of the way I would react towards this information. But she was surprised when I told her that I wanted to meet him. She was thrilled with my response, and we organized for a night to hang out with him and the family.

So the night had arrived. The bottles of Tequila and Pilsener beers were ready. The family had come (mainly my cousins, some with their spouses and one aunt). I was a little anxious. I was about to meet my brother for the first time. After a few minutes of waiting, I see someone across the street, closing the door behind them. He was wearing a red shirt with a red-black snapback. It also looks like he wasn't alone as someone approached him and shook his hand as they were crossing the main road to us. He starts to greet everyone one by one. Once he reaches me, I smile at him and shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you. I'm George."

"Likewise, I'm Diego."

Before I could say anything, Diego announced to my aunt that he had another commitment in La Troncal. So he was planning to leave at the moment but promised to come back after. I was cool with it. So Diego and his friend leave in their car. As for us, we continued partying. Bottles clinked, laughs were shared, lots of foot dancing. The night flows by quickly when you have fun. It was about 2 AM. We were all still outside in the wooden hut. While sipping on the last beer, Diego comes back from his other party with another bottle of tequila! That's where things take an exciting turn.

The night was half over. My cousins, Diego, and I resumed drinking the tequila bottle he had brought. That's when one of my cousin's spouse starts making conversation with both of us. Here, he breaks the news by telling us that we were brothers. We both started to laugh. Then Diego responds, "I kind of had an idea that you were my brother." I finish my last drink and invite him to walk with me. I don't remember all that I said that night to him, but it went something like this: "Listen, I know we both have the same father who isn't in our lives, and that's okay. The fact that I got to meet you now is truly a miracle and a blessing. I hope that we can stay in touch and get to know each other more. I always wanted to have a little brother, and even though we're old and grown, I feel like we can make up the time we lost all these years."

After my brotherly speech, my brother graciously accepted my idea of getting to know each other. We talked more the next day. I learned about his favorite hobbies, past experiences, favorite type of music, similarities and differences, tendencies, etc. In a matter of hours, my life completely changed, and in a way, it opened many doors. I felt like I had more family than I thought I knew. It turned into a responsibility to find any blood relatives that I didn't think I had and bring them together.

As of today, my brother resides here in the U.S., and I couldn't be any more content. I gave him a tour around some of the most remarkable places in the tri-state area. He also got to make acquaintances with people around the city. I made him feel like he was home.

Overall, I can say is that my long life dream of having a little brother turned into an actuality. Maybe manifestation is something that requires patience for it to come into play. Now I have to see when the day will come when I meet my long lost older sister, but that's another tale for another day.

Written By: George M.

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