#12 There's a Ghost in My House

The supernatural is a black and white kind of topic. You either believe it or don't. The closest I've ever been to the subject matter is what I'm about to share. The following is my story.

So, before I can share my experience, a quick background story! My grandfather years ago had a carpentry workshop set up in the basement. There he constructed wooden boxes, shelves, and racks for bread. He spends his entire time in his workshop. The basement is enormous. So there are two parts to the basement. The outer room includes the garage door, entrance to the boiler room, and small storage space. It's about the size of an apartment floor without any walls. Then, divided by two doors, is the inner chamber, which is twice as large! About the size of an indoor soccer field. There were all my grandfather's carpentry machines and tools and his office desk located across the room. When the day reaches dawn, he shuts down the engines to his machinery, turns off the lights, closes the interior doors, and locks up the garage before coming upstairs.

My mom and my two aunts were always curious about the basement's interior room. But they could never withstand the noise and wood particles in the air every time my grandfather cut plywood. So they decided to go down to the basement this one night. It was dark. Cold. The main door felt heavy for the first time, according to them. As they turned on the lights, they couldn't believe that they could even see their breath. The chilly air gave them goosebumps. They proceeded to walk towards the two doors that lead to the interior room. They push the door open. A loud creaking noise was produce as a result. They began to stare at the large dark room. It was like being at the edge of a cliff, above an abyss with nothing visible below but pure darkness. One of my aunts stops hesitating and goes to reach for the lights of the second room. That's when they heard her voice.

"Hola." The three spooked and startled, they focus deep into the dark void of the inner basement room. For a moment, they didn't see anything. Confused with what they heard. They believed they were hallucinating, hearing things. However, this was no hallucination. There was someone, something with them in that dark basement room. The mystery figure faded slowly into existence. Little by little, the three could tell what they just witnessed. It was the appearance of a little girl. Wearing all white. Dark short hair. Pale skin color. She was standing there, embracing her presence by only looking back at the three. They were stiff, not thinking clearly or what to do next. For a brief moment, all was still, for a short moment only. Suddenly, the ghost girl started to walk towards them. There was no dawdling, and based on their story, they hauled out of the basement without looking back.

They returned upstairs without a breath. Both my aunts and mom felt out of reach of reality from what they experienced. They told me about the little girl downstairs. I didn't believe them (not yet, at least). So the intensity of the story dies there until a few months later.

I was in my room, relaxing on a chair near the balcony glass door. I had a bunk bed at the time. It was bright daylight. My sisters recently went to the mall with my aunt without my mom knowing. Everyone else was out somewhere in Ferry Street. I was home alone, nothing but a PSP (PlayStation Portable) on my hands. Yeah, you can tell the year was like 2009. So there I was enjoying my game, not a worry in the world. My back was facing the door to my room while I was facing towards the balcony door. My mom bursts into my room out of nowhere, telling me to get ready. And that's when her next few words spooked the crap out of me.

"You too, Rashel, come out from under the bed."

"What? Mom, Rashel isn't here. She went to the mall with Aunt Mary."

"Are you serious? George...I swear I saw your sister under your bed..."

I flinched. My eyes grew wide. For a moment, I felt like I was getting pranked here. But my mom would never mess around like that, especially if she's in a rush to go out. I check under the bed and I saw...nothing.

"There's nothing under the bed. Stop playing with me."

"George, I'm serious. I saw a girl under the bed."

I looked at my mom in the eyes. There was no bluff as she did see something under the bed. That day I ran out of that room and didn't come back. I slept on the couch for weeks until I moved out to another apartment of the house. Since then, there was no incident of the ghost girl appearing to us in our home. It was one of the closest supernatural occurrences I ever beheld. Would I want to relive that moment in life again? Of course not.

But even so, I always wondered if that little ghost girl would appear herself to me anytime soon. She never did. She seems to be a friendly ghost, kind of like Casper, without the encounter. It's been years now. And since then, everything has been okay here. I just hope she finds her restful eternal place soon if she's still around. Who knows. But I'll tell you one thing—that room where I had that scare. I'm living in that room again. And it's always cold in here.

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