#10 One Of My Subscribers Tried Stealing From Me!

Now, this post is something I didn't expect to write. But it happened, and I want to express my thoughts on it.

Before we get into any storytelling, let me just state where I stand based on this situation. I do not appreciate anyone that I invite into my home or family home and steal from me. I try to associate myself with people with sincere, sane, and humble attitudes. Anyone with a bad idea to thieve from me, considering that I aided this person in bad times, that's not right. Letting a person into my circle only to discover you have a knife on your hand behind your back is a behavior I don't condone. It doesn't even matter if the item's value is big or small, like a penny on the floor in someone's house. I would never pocket that. I was always raised to respect anyone's home that I'm invited into. And it should be like that for everyone that enters into someone's home. Anyways let's get into it.

Let me give you guys a little background story. So recently I threw a little gettogether for my birthday. Don't worry; there were some covid safety measures installed. Hand sanitizer stations in two separate rooms, people were allowed to wear their masks, and you could even bring your bottle to enjoy without touching other given bottles. Everything seemed in order; everyone enjoyed the meal that was provided. The crowd was dancing. It was all going swell. At one point I went outside to cool off for a bit. That's when suddenly I heard someone yell my name.

"GEORGE!" I turn around to see that it was my uncle from the top window. It appeared that he was vigilant with everyone, making sure all was in order. I get close to him to hear what he has to say. His next few words stunned me. "Your guests are stealing your 24 pack of beer. They just got to their car." That moment I felt embarrassed. I quickly began thinking, 'who in the world would ever disrespect me like that?' I rushed to the street. Hauled straight to the only car that had its lights on. I opened the door. I couldn't believe it.

It was a friend. Someone whom I met not too long ago. The way her facial expression was when I opened that car door, pure shock and mortification. I asked her, "did you take a 24 pack and put it in your trunk?" Her response sounded defensive. Not knowing what to say or do, she wanted to leave. But I refused to close the car door. Her boyfriend comes out of the passenger seat. Ready to go on the offensive side, my back up came through. Few people from the party followed right behind me. I insisted on him. "Open the trunk, and let me see if you guys don't have the 24 pack." His body language starts to show nervousness. He was looking stiff a few feet away as if the concrete floor began grabbing his leather shoes from moving. Everyone began ranting the same thing. "Open the trunk." "Just show us what's back there." Looking defeated, she went to the back of the car and opened the trunk. There it was, the 24 pack of beer. As I retrieved the box, I looked at her and shook my head. Her boyfriend attempted to apologize but I refused to listen. Humiliated, both got into the car, closed the doors, and drove off.

How mind baffled, I was once I got back inside the house. I couldn't believe she was capable of something so grimy and devious. And I say devious because when I checked the cameras, they tried to cover the box with a jacket. I don't think there were any means to justify their actions. And even if it was the boyfriend's idea, she didn't do anything to stop him. They tried, got caught, the end. And to think, a person would jeopardize a friendship over a pack of beers. The things people gamble with nowadays.

This post isn't being written off to public shame anyone. No names are going to be shared here. This post is merely here to shine a light on the reality that not everyone is who they seem to be. Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourselves with people you treat right, fair, with heart, dignity and ensure that the same energy reciprocates. Never forget this quote by Maya Angelou, "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."

The next post is going to be a spooky one. I will share something paranormal that's haunted me for a long time just for this upcoming Halloween. Stay tuned.

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